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Interested in joining Small Screen Talent?

If you are interested in joining Small Screen Talent as a student (or as the parent of a prospective student) please fill out the form below and we will get back to you.

Please note that all students will be required to send us an example of their work prior to being offered a place at Small Screen Talent. We understand that many of you won’t have any examples of professional work to show us just yet so if you could film something on a mobile phone or tablet and send it to us for consideration that would be great!

For students aged 11 or under, we would ask that you talk to us about something you love doing for around 30 seconds. This could be anything – from acting to horse riding. For us, we will be looking for passion, personality and the ability to hold an audience.

For students aged 12 or over we would ask you to perform a monologue or short piece from a play or book. This should be memorised. Alternatively, you could improvise a short 30 second piece on a subject of your choice. 

Don’t be at all worried about this. We understand that this can be a nerve-wracking process and we aren’t expecting anyone to be absolutely perfect. It’s our job to discover raw talent and help you become the best performer you can be so showing us the real YOU is what’s important.

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